Introduction of Huaihua University
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               Introduction of Huaihua University

Brief Introduction

Huaihua University is located in Huaihua, a major transportation hub of China. The university, dating back to Qianyang Normal Academy, was founded in 1985. In 2002, as required by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China, the name was changed to Huaihua University (HHU). It is a full-time public undergraduate university, established by the authority of the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China. This University has won the titles of Civilized University of Hunan Province and Nationally Advanced Units of Spiritual Civilization Construction.

Throughout its development in more than 50 years, Huaihua University has been a comprehensive university with 2 beautiful campuses, 16 departments, 33 undergraduate programs, a staff of over 1,000 and a student body of 18,000.

Undergraduate Programs

Department of Chinese Language and Literature

l         Chinese Language and Literature

l         TV & Broadcasting Journalism


Department of Foreign Language and Literature

l         English Language and Literature


Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics

l         Mathematics and Applied Mathematics

l         Information and Computation Science

Department of Physics and Electronic Information Science

l         Electronic Information Science and Technology

l         Communication Engineering

l         Radio and TV Engineering

l         Physics

Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

l         Pharmacy Engineering

l         Chemistry

l         Scientific Education

Department of Life Science

l         Bioengineering

l         Bioscience

l         Landscape Architecture

Department of Music

l         Science of Music

l         Dance Studies

l         Music Education


Department of Art

l         Science of Art


Department of Art and Design

l         Art and Design

l         Industry Design

Department of Physical Education

l         Physical Education

l         Social Physical

Department of Economics

l         International Economy and Trade


Department of Business Administration

l         Traveling Management

l         Logistics Management


Department of Education

l         Elementary School Education

l         Preschool Education

Department of Human Education

l         Human Education

l         Public Administration


Department of Computer Science and Technology

l         Computer Science and Technology


Department of Politics and Law

l         Law

l         Ideological and Political Education


Scientific Research

Huaihua University has 10 Scientific and Research Institutes, like Institute of Information Science etc. Since 2000, the teaching staff of this university has totally published 5000 academic research papers, 200 of which have been collected by the three key international searching systems (SCI, EI, and ISTP), and more than 100 books, more than 200 textbooks as well as more than 500 art works. The faculty has undertaken more than 200 provincial and national research projects, including 1 project sponsored by the State Natural Fund, 4 projects sponsored by the State Social Science Fund, 1 project sponsored by the State Social Science of Western Project Fund, 1 project sponsored by the State Ministry of Forestry. Up to now, this university has won 12 provincial and national Teaching Achievement Awards, many National Natural Science Awards, Science-technical Progress of the State Minister of Education Awards, Philosophy Social Science of Province Awards, and more than 100 other awards.

Cooperation and Exchanges

Huaihua University lays great emphasis on exchange and cooperation with educational institutions nationally, regionally and internationally, making every endeavor to pursue the global prestige. This university has built cooperative ties with many universities in the world, like Utah University of United States etc. The modes and contents of cooperation and exchanges with its foreign counterparts include exchange of students and academic journals etc. Huaihua University welcomes friends from all over the world to enter into mutually beneficial cooperation with us.


Address: 612 Yingfeng East Road, Huaihua, Hunan, 418008, P.R. China

Tel: 86-745-2851001 or 86-745-2852542

Fax: 86-745-2851305 or 86-745-2854961